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You are visiting the online home of a company that has been serving the New Zealand automotive market with Alternators and Starter Motors for over 15 years.

You can expect to see our strong commitment to service, innovation and quality manufacturing in everything we do. This commitment and consistency will give you to confidence to know that we can find the alternator or starter motor you need, and get it to you when you need it.

If you require an unconventional or outside-the-box solution, you’ll be pleased to know that our facilities for remanufacturing and customized alternators and starter motors are without rival.

In short, we can supply what no-one else can.

On this site you will discover the full range of services we offer, the brands we stock, how to go about making a custom order

We’ve also included our Alternator and Starter Motor Catalogue for ease of reference and online ordering – making the process even faster and easier for you.

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